The self contained recycling unit is built to be placed wherever the plastci is found. Constructed out of a recycled shipping container, this is meant to be portable and durable. Inside the unit is a shredder assempby and motor, storage and cleaning / sorting table. Each unit is wired with an external plug - ready for use with an existing power source or power by genewrator. This unit is designed and built for the long term and can withstand all weather. The cost of this unit includes shipping from Canada to most of the Caribbean. The unit arrives assembled and ready to go. 

The shredder is capable of shredding all types of plastics and fishing gear. 

The final product is a refined shredded material, ready for use or sale. 


Option of opting in to a bi - yearly pickup and collection of shredded materials       (addtional cost) 


From order to delivery - please allow 6-8 weeks

Self Contained Recycling Unit

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