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When we started thinking of ways to reuse the recovered plastics, there were a few things we needed to consider:

  • Will it end up back in the landfill (after use)?

  • Can we use ocean plastic? If plastic has been in the ocean a long time it loses integrity.

  • Will is benefit the community it has been collected in?

  • Is it sustainable?

What we do know is that #ocean plastic photo-degenerates with long exposure to sunlight, sometimes making it difficult to identify, and difficult to recycle as it is contaminated with salt and often with sea life growing on its surface. Some recycling methods can be successful only with a maximum ratio of 10% ocean plastic to 90% plastic from domestic sources. What this process does do is make it difficult to reuse for new product.

There are alot of claims out there about products being made of ocean plastic but as a consumer you need to know the whole truth. Whenever possible, ask about the % or read the fine print. For example, most products that claim to be made of ocean plastic are in actuality made of #oceanbound plastic. There is a huge difference and technically any plastic that goes from consumer to waste to recycling could be considered ocean bound. It does not mean it was cleaned up off a beach or taken from the ocean.

Understanding the difference between #oceanplastic and #oceanboundplastic. The consumer MUST ask for providence and what's actually in the product. Where was it sourced? Can they prove it?

The Great Sea Project is working to create a true #circulareconomy with true ocean plastic product. For us #transparency and #sustainability are the number one priorities. Sacrificing either for profit will work against our mission and in the long run will not create the necessary impact to the environment that we desire. While our first project is now operational in the #Bahamas and collecting plastic, we are hard at work creating that true ocean plastic product. This year we will be launching the GSP ocean plastic deck board, fence board and 2x4's.

These products accomplish a few things:

  • Use for ocean plastic and ocean bound plastic

  • Manufacturing onsite (and portable)

  • Can be used locally (think rebuilding after a hurricane)

  • Will not end up in landfill

  • Weatherproof

  • Fairly fast manufacturing time

  • Creates an industry and revenue

The possibilities are endless with this product and the source for raw materials accessible and plentiful. The only thing involved is a touch of innovation and a lot of hard work, both of which have lots of. If you would like to get involved, please reach out. We would love to welcome you are a part of our community!

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