There are five trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans. Most of the plastic found at the bottom of the sea by divers (89%) has one thing in common, the Deep Sea Debris Database reported: it’s waste such as plastic bottles and bags, designed to be used just once, then thrown away. This single use plastic ends up in our oceans, on our beaches and severely impact marine life. 


GSP will work to combat the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. Working to return the ocean to a cleaner state, recycle recovered material, provide resources that will promote sustainability while boosting the economy of participating communities.  

We can't do this alone. GSP will be partnering with other like minded organizations and companies to increase impact and affect change. Together we can start to move the tide away from waste to innovate.


Our mission is to eliminate the influx of ocean plastic by providing a sustainable solution for communities that don't have a recycling program. We provide ways to use recovered plastics as a commodity, rather than contributing to landfills.

The Great Sea Project 

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